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Search Remarketing

Re-Engage with website visitors that didn't convert or take the desired outcome

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is one of the most effective PPC techniques. What it does is it allows you to show your ads to people who have left your site without taking the desired action. If you are an Online Retailer and they have abandoned the cart, or if you are a business website and they haven’t filled in your contact form, we are able to specifically create a list to market to them specifically. No doubt you will have experienced these yourself, the sites that get very targeted with their approach are usually the ones who win at remarketing.

Remarketing Benefits

You should include remarketing in your advertising budget and we frequently recommend it to our clients. One of the biggest potential opportunities is in dynamic remarketing, this is where you can target previous visitors with specific ads of products that they looked at when they were on your site. Dynamic remarketing can be taken to the next level also, to target people who went to your contact us page but did not complete the process, or even more granular show specific ads to people that placed something in a shopping basket and did not buy.

Our Approach

We are able to show ads to past visitors through the use of the Google Display Network or a real time bidding platform across multiple sites. Within Google you are able to build audiences and lists based upon where the user has left the site. Using these lists you can then use dynamic remarketing to show specific products. Fairly recently Google announced that you can take remarketing to Search Ads and create RLSA(Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) campaigns, enabling us to remarket more effectively and allows the opportunity to adjust our bid accordingly.

Implementing Strategy

Our team of experts regularly work with Online stores, B2B & Local and National businesses. Implementing remarketing strategies that are bespoke to business objectives. We are able to tailor your remarketing to align with your objectives, whether you want better returns from your Product Listing Ads by targeting users who abandoned cart or whether you want to remind B2B visitors to take a specific action. We are able to target them through the expansive Google Network and even across to Facebook.

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